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Here’s what patients are saying …

“Before I found Aimée, I suffered with low libido, feeling uncomfortable in my own body, and desperately missed the “oomph” of my youth. Being newly married at 56, I wasn’t giving up, but my primary care physician did little to help. It wasn’t until Aimée tested my hormone levels and put me on some very reasonable, balanced hormones, two of them hand compounded (which I like a lot), that I started to feel like a sexy woman again. Our goal was to for me to feel like myself in time for my honeymoon in Paris and I am happy to say that it was very romantic and fun. I also had much more energy and spirit than before we started the hormone balancing act.
Dr. Shunney, is pretty brilliant!” – JN

“Living with chronic pain for many years can lead you to desperate measures. After trying nearly everything under the sun to improve my quality of life (including two surgeries), I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Shunney. Within days of our first meeting my quality of life was elevated and I began to feel hopeful for the first time in years. Hope is a most amazing gift and one that I will always be grateful to Dr. Shunney for restoring in my life.” – V.B.

“I wanted to let you know how pleased and grateful I am about the results of the anti-inflammatory liver cleansing program you recommended. After three weeks on the program, I had my blood work done and for the first time in three years, everything was normal. My liver enzymes were no longer elevated. And one tumor marker, which had been mysteriously high, was back in the normal range. Coming just a year after treatment for breast cancer, this is wonderful news. At least as amazing, I am no longer tired when I get up in the morning and I have more energy all day. And I did not experience the normal exhausting jet lag on my last trip home from the West Coast. So I have much to be thankful for. I appreciate your careful, thorough approach and I can’t thank you enough for reminding me that I can help myself stay well. As a cancer survivor, I find naturopathic medicine both powerful and incredibly empowering. Many, many thanks” – EK

“I sought out Dr. Shunney when everything in my body seemed to fall apart all at once, and realized that I needed more/different/better care than what I had received in the past from a traditional-Western medical approach. Finding her was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I have since started to understand what “healthy” really feels like, and rid myself of aches and pains that I had once thought to be permanent in my life. With her constant support,teaching and guidance, the wonderful world of Naturopathic Medicine has helped me feel whole once again.” – KD

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendship and guidance over the past year.I’ve been through a lot of changes and I feel very good. When I came to you last year I was in bad shape, but things for me have improved so much in so many ways. I appreciate having you as an ally and I value your knowledge and ability. You have been a great support to both (my partner) and I.” – HM

“Naturopathic medicine makes me feel like my health is getting the best of both worlds – conventional and complimentary. Dr. Aimee Gould Shunney was recommended to me by my OB/GYN and since then I have been impressed by the level of holistic care I’ve received. Dr. Shunney has gently yet effectively helped me resolve digestive and hormonal complaints with the use of dietary and lifestyle changes and herbal tinctures. Another powerful healing tool that you’ll find in Dr. Shunny’s practice is her personality and warm professionalism.” – YJ

Arvigo Techniques™ Testimonials

“My endometriosis pain used to keep me home for 2-3 days each month – I considered myself lucky if those days were on the weekend so that I didn’t have to miss work. In addition, I would have 5-7 days of extreme discomfort prior to my period. Birth control pills were no help, and my MD was talking about Lupron. A member of an endometriosis chat room was writing about her positive experience with Dr. Shunney and I decided to make an appointment. I am amazed to say that after my first month’s treatment, which also included dietary changes, vitamins and herbs, there was very little discomfort leading up to my period and the pain only lasted for one day – and it wasn’t bad enough to keep me from work! It was the easiest period I have had in 2 years. I look forward to continuing my work with Dr. Shunney and Maya Abdominal Massage.”– NE

“Before I started seeing Dr. Shunney, my PMS symptoms were pretty rough. Two weeks before the menstrual period, my breasts would get so tender that even a light touch would be painful. Then on the first day of the period, I would get diarrhea, nausea, and debilitating lower backache. Often during those times, I had to take a day off from work because I just couldn’t leave my house. Thankfully, within months since my first Maya Abdominal Massage, all of the symptoms have virtually disappeared. I feel very fortunate that I have met Dr. Shunney and that our relationship continues. Thank you, Aimée.” – LM

“I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from Maya Abdominal Massage, but I have been thrilled with both the physical and emotional effects of this treatment. Under the compassionate and skilled care of Dr. Shunney, I not only felt an immediate energy shift during the very first session, but have noticed improved abdominal tone, relief from menstrual difficulties, and improved digestion. I’m sold!” – CP

“I went for Maya Abdominal Massage after hearing the founder speak about it’s benefits at a conference on ‘The Art of Birthing.’ I had never even heard mention of the consequences of a misaligned uterus, but after experiencing a severe car accident, as a pedestrian, I thought it might be a next step towards recovery. Once I had the initial assessment, I realized that Maya Abdominal Massage also can treat anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome (which I’ve struggled with for years), and depression. I went for about five sessions with Dr. Shunney and always felt relief afterwards. Once I learned the self-care technique, I discovered that implementing this on a regular basis brings me much peace in my life. I would highly recommend the Maya Abdominal Massage to anyone; especially anyone who believes in the wisdom of generations.” – EM

“The Maya Abdominal Massage has been wonderful. There are so many benefits to receiving this work. For me, it has become a time to relax, reflect and treat myself. It has made my periods/cramps/bloating a thing of the past. And for someone who is shy about their body, Aimée makes everyone feel so comfortable, you start to appreciate your curves, rather than hide them.” – KD

Dr. Aimée Shunney